Hollow words

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Z.A.K. Prava šola

Z.A.K. Prava šola

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


If I convert one atom of Hydrogen into antimatter till tomorrow Ill save the world from polution as I will instantaniously turn it to dust. Zen.

If I forget her I will remember her. Zen.

When I have nightmares dont wake me up. When it will get to intense I will do that on my own. Zen.

If I g33k behind my computer after a while I will integrate with Internet. If I go out after a while I will integrate with society. Zen.

Monday, December 06, 2004


Well officialy I have started working on a new project I call NoxBall. Its a simple marble game. You control the marble with your mouse and hit the boxes which reveal a pattern. You must hit two boxes with the same pattern to collect the pair. When all the pairs on the level are collected you go to another level. If that is not enough to play a strange game of memory there are traps and monsters that try to stop you! Many of you who have owned Atari ST system will find this game to resamble a game called Oxyd. And you are wright. Yep, its almost an oxyd clone. But still different... Much different. Well there are going to be new elements in the game. First a player will have three different balls to choose from - glass, metal and rubber. Glass ball will be a great choice for those levels with magnet based traps which are hell for those who like to use the metal ball. Metal ball on the other hand is uncrushable unlike the glass ball. Both are heat resistant which cannot be said for the rubber ball which has a gift of bouncing. Yep, this ball can jump over those classic black holes in the ground and will easier reach higher locations. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention the levels arent going to be flat anymore. They will be multi-height layered terrains filled with opportunity and danger all shown in 3d graphics.

Date of release: Wouldnt you like to know, hehe?

Friday, December 03, 2004


Pause. Resume. Pause. Resume. Work. Stop. Work. Stop. Pause. Resume. Pause. Resume.

Dont you just hate it when someone is screwing around with you? I know I do... It makes me nervous. I just want to resume,

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Im better...

"Hey, unlike your boyfriend from your past life Im much more elegant and powerfull."
"Yeah, yeah... Im attracted to goodlooking men with power. But you are evil."
"Ok. I may be evil but at least my name is not Guybrush."

Monday, November 29, 2004

The Bible Story

"What the f*ck" - I think this thought has passed through many peoples minds. Well The Bible Story is actually a game I'm currently working as the GDD designer/artist in a team of young people who decided to call themselves, originally, Unseen Collective.
Whats its all about? Well its going to be humor packed adventure game which shall bet it all on originality of the conflicts and non-linearity. Yep, this will be a non-linear game with at least two possible endings and many paths to get to them. While the story is based upon "tweaked" biblical events, corruption in purgatory which leads to major stock collapse in hell and the search for the loved one our character Evil D (scramble the letters... hehe) shall embark on a not so epic but still long journey through some of the most biblicly important events. But the most attractive feature of the game is still its humor. Yes... Some of the moments are so hillarious we reccomend you to move your computer to the toilet or you are going to wet yourself over and over again.
I'll post as much of the concept art as its going to be allowed with some extracts from the GDD (game design document). Anyways I hope you take your time and read the future posts.

"With your ability I could only run Heaven but not a place sophisticated as Hell is" - By Satan

The Gates are locked

And this is how it starts...
Always. The first post must be written to praise the maginificence of the blog and the blog owner. I cant watch that anymore... It hurts me eyes and stomach every time I write my first post. I hate first posts. Theres always that pressure from it cause it defines us who we are. I use these hollow words in vain...

Think about it....